Image of Render of the Hebo Lift 2

Render of the Hebo Lift 2

Upgrade into state of the art sheerleg

Last updated 5 years ago
2019 will be an exciting year for HEBO Maritime Service, as they decided to upgrade the vessel HEBO Lift 2 into a state of the art sheerleg.

Complete new A-frame

The existing asset of HEBO will be outfitted with a complete new A-frame capable of performing complex lifting operations. This upgrade will strengthen the position of the HEBO fleet in the North-West European market. Being capable of lifting 1000 ton objects, combined with the possibility to add more height and outreach with a future jib upgrade, HEBO is confident to have a commercial interesting proposition for their market.

Vessel design and modification

For the design of the lifting appliances and the modification of the vessel, HEBO selected Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam as their partner. With designs like the Matador 3 and Gulliver, Vuyk has an extensive experience in designing sheerlegs and A-frames. Wiebbe Anne Bonsink, Technical Manager at HEBO adds: “The experience of Vuyk was one of the reasons to start this cooperation, as their track record combined with the extensive experience of the people made them a solid partner for HEBO”. Currently the selected design team of both companies are working on the engineering package for this new asset. The team combines the operational expertise of HEBO with the technical expertise of Vuyk, to ensure the outcome will match all expectations. 

Floris Toetenel, Sales Manager at Vuyk, is involved since the first contacts with HEBO. “It took us an intensive process to settle this cooperation, as we see HEBO as another customer that aims for a long term partnership. Now the project is fully started and I see the team is passionately working together on this, I cannot wait to see the final result” states Floris.

This vessel will change the playing field in North West Europe

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