Image of Royal Doeksen takes over Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam from Royal IHC

Royal Doeksen takes over Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam from Royal IHC

Last updated 3 years ago
On the 3rd of March, 2021, Royal IHC and Royal Doeksen reached an agreement on the acquisition of all shares in Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam.

Mid 2020, IHC presented their new strategy going back to its core business. As a result of this new strategy it was decided that Vuyk, among other companies, would be divested. The management of Vuyk was involved during the whole divestment process and is very pleased to now be a part of the Rotterdam based Royal Doeksen.

Vuyk Engineering was founded in 1979. Over the past decades Vuyk has evolved into a design and engineering office with expertise in various parts of the maritime industry. Nowadays Vuyk focusses on three disciplines; Vessel design, Equipment design and Marine operations. The combined expertise in these areas and the highly qualified engineers enable Vuyk to fully understand complex operations and requirements. First time right and reliability will continue to be the main drivers. Vuyk is proud to operate as an independent company and strong brand again. 

Marc Oele (Managing Director Vuyk) says: “The aim of the Vuyk management in the divestment process has been to find the best possible partner for the future. With Royal Doeksen as our main shareholder and member of the board, we are confident that we can secure a strong independent position in the maritime market and continue to offer our customers effective tailor-made designs and solutions.”

Royal Doeksen, established in 1908, is a family-owned business with a long history as a shipping company with strong family values. Originally involved in shell dredging and salvage along the Dutch coast, Doeksen further expanded its operations with ferry services between Harlingen and the Frisian Islands and not too long ago they became owner of the bespoke superyacht builder Royal Huisman. Doeksen also operates commuters and recreational fast ferry transport services in the Rotterdam region. 

Jan Willem Doeksen (CEO of Royal Doeksen) comments: “We are very proud and excited to welcome Vuyk in our portfolio of operating companies as they perfectly fit in our maritime matrix of bespoke and high quality assets with a strong legacy. We look forward working together with the existing management to continue the current business activities and explore growth opportunities. With this acquisition we can truly say that Royal Doeksen can provide expertise and services starting from designing to building and operating.’’

Gerben Eggink (CEO of Royal IHC) states: “For Royal IHC it was important to find the right match for both the people and the business opportunities of Vuyk. We are very happy that we have found the right partner in Royal Doeksen to take over our shares in Vuyk.”

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