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Vuyk establishes subsidiary in Houston

Expanding to United States with Vuyk Inc.

Last updated 2 months ago
Vuyk is extending its services to the United States by establishing a new subsidiary in Houston: Vuyk Inc. This strategic move marks a significant milestone and opens new doors for presence and collaboration in the American market.

The decision to expand services to the United States stems from a strategic vision to strengthen the global presence of the Vuyk organization and better meet the needs of American customers. "We see Houston as a crucial hub for the maritime industry. By establishing a physical presence in Houston, we can address the needs of American customers, provide them with high-quality engineering services, and simultaneously build new business relationships," explains the Vuyk management.

Houston offers a fertile environment for Vuyk Inc. to offer its expertise and services to local and regional clients. Focusing on maritime engineering, Vuyk Inc. will ensure to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet the requirements of the US market. Being home to numerous maritime companies, research institutes, and training facilities, Houston provides a stimulating environment for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the sector.

Within the Vuyk organization, there is a unique, multidisciplinary collaboration. Three different specializations - vessel design, equipment design, and operational engineering - work together under one roof. In the Netherlands, Vuyk Engineering is the only independent maritime engineering firm representing three specializations. This means that the experienced engineers not only have in-depth knowledge and experience in each of these disciplines but also have the ability to utilize all three specializations within a single project. With a multidisciplinary team, Vuyk aims to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability in the US maritime market.

The United States offer a wide range of opportunities in shipbuilding, dredging, operational installation of offshore applications and wind energy. With growing demand for new vessels, renovations of existing fleets, and  development of offshore wind farms along the coastline, there are numerous opportunities for Vuyk Inc. to offer its expertise and services. By focusing on custom solutions, innovative designs, and cost-effective engineering, Vuyk Inc. will also dedicate itself to environmentally friendly solutions and technologies within the US maritime sector. By closely collaborating with local parties, Vuyk Inc. will further strengthen its market position and help to further develop the American maritime sector.

The expansion of Vuyk to the United States with the establishment of Vuyk Inc. in Houston marks a new phase in the company's worldwide strategy. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality engineering services and leveraging the opportunities offered by the US maritime market, Vuyk Inc. is ready to successfully contribute to the further development of the maritime sector in the United States and beyond.

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