Spartacus Cutter Suction DredgerCutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

Image of Spartacus Cutter Suction Dredger

The start of a green dredging era

Spartacus Cutter Suction DredgerCutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

The start of a green dredging era

The world's first LNG-powered Cutter Suction Dredger, the Spartacus, is making waves.

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Through a partnership combining DEME's knowledge with our experience and innovative craftsmanship, we designed a product that matches their three main priorities: pushing the boundaries of dredging potential, unprecedented autonomy and minimising the impact on the environment through the integration of a low-emission power plant.


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Concept design

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Basic design

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Cutter Suction Dredger

The Spartacus the world’s largest CSD and the first to be powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). The four main engines can run on LNG, marine diesel oil (MDO) and heavy fuel oil (HFO). The two auxiliary engines also incorporate dual-fuel technology.


As the first LNG-powered CSD in the world, the SPARTACUS sets a new benchmark in the industry. It also features several additional innovations, such as a waste heat recovery system that converts heat from the exhaust gasses to electrical energy and a one-man operated dredge control.

Spartacus drives new levels of performance in the dredging industry given its unbeatable pumping power and heavy-duty cutter ladder, which means a dredging depth of 45 m can be reached. Projects that would not have been feasible before are now possible. With a total installed power of 44,180 kW and equipped with an energy-saving flywheel, her production rates and ability to cut hard soil are unrivalled.

Spartacus incorporates other smart innovations to maximise productivity, including an onboard workshop with a vibration-insulated floor, which makes it possible to carry out the maintenance and repair of the cutterheads during operations. This enables the mega cutter suction dredger to achieve unequalled uptime and is a major advantage when working in remote parts of the world.

With all these new technologies onboard, this cutter suction dredger is an important benchmark for the industry and a huge step toward limiting the environmental impact of dredging vessels.

Vuyk is known for their willingness to push boundaries to develop and produce high added-value equipment and vessels for their customers. The combination of power, size and innovation makes the Spartacus a perfect example of such a project. 
We are proud to be a technological and sustainable leader in the industry and ‘Spartacus’ embodies this drive and innovative spirit.


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