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Zero Emission

Supporting the transition to zero emission vessels

The transition to zero emission vessels is a challenge for the maritime sector, as huge floating constructions have to be moved all around the world. Especially for work vessels, which have to operate under heavy conditions at specific operational requirements.

Transition to low carbon fuels

Increasing marine fuel costs also put pressure on the industry to become more fuel efficient. A variety of fuels is introduced in the market over the past decades, all with specific chemical properties and dedicated equipment and systems. But it is not all about the fuel that goes in. It also goes about what comes out in terms of emissions, such as CO2, NOx and methane. Zero emission shipping could be achieved by transitioning into low carbon marine fuels. 

The availability of alternative fuels is expected to grow over time. It is also to be expected that the interest in implementing alternative fuels will grow, both in retrofitting existing vessels as in application in new-build ships. However, there is no single solution for all kinds of ships. 

Our expertise in zero emission shipping

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has specialist technical knowledge of applications, giving us the capability to offer highly customized solutions for both existing as well as new vessels. The will, knowledge and techniques are available to make the change

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